Saturday, October 5, 2019

I Hope That a Dispute Between Two Radio People Can Be Resolved Amicably

For many years I have listened to the 60s 70s show hosted by Bob Radil.  At first, it was heard on WNHU, a college station in New Haven, Ct. on Fridays from 6 PM – 10 PM. After that station dropped it, Rewound Radio that is owned by Allan Sniffen picked it up.  I have always enjoyed the show as it plays many rarities not normally heard on oldies radio stations and internet streams.  There are many unique features such as the 4th-hour theme and the songs that charted at #89 in the 1960s and 70s.  Bob lets his listeners program the show as he honors all requests.  On many occasions, he used my suggestions for the 4th- hour theme.

Sadly, a dispute developed between Bob and Allan.  Dr. Sniffen disapproved of some of the features of the show and stated the number of listeners was declining.  Bob was very upset and did not run his show last night.  As a result, Rewound Radio was dark for 3 hours last night.  Allan decided to drop the 60s 70s show from his station.

Here are my comments:

Bob’s show is a specialty show with rarities and likely would not appeal to casual listeners who listen to Rewound Radio at other times.  His audience is very loyal and listens to the show very intensely.  Is it better to have a larger audience of casual listeners who use the station as background music or a smaller audience of active listeners who communicate with the host?  To use an analogy independent films that are artistically superior attract fewer moviegoers but win more academy awards.

Bob was upset and perhaps should have contacted Allan to say that he wasn’t running the show that night.  Certainly, the world didn’t come to an end when Rewound Radio was dark for 3 hours.  I think Allan overreacted by removing the show from his station.

Allan Sniffen has been an asset to the community of radio professionals and enthusiasts for many years.  His New York Radio Message board has been highly regarded for years. He has spent much of his own money to fund these endeavors.  I enjoy regular programming on Rewound Radio as it is a good mix of common oldies, rarities, and “Oh Wows”.  I also enjoy the aircheck show on Saturdays and Jon Wolpert’s show on Sundays.

I certainly hope that Allan and Bob can patch things up so that the 60s 70s show can resume on Rewound Radio. Over the years it has been an asset to the station.   If not, I hope another internet radio station will pick it up.

I am trying to be objective and not to antagonize anyone.

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