Wednesday, May 29, 2019

On My Way to Tulsa - Wish Me Luck With Traveling

I guess when you plan a trip, you just don't know what the weather will be.  There are afternoon thunderstorms predicted in NYC, but my flight to Chicago will leave a 1 PM which is before that weather will come.  There will be floods in the Tulsa area, the organizer of the conference said that the conference venues are on high ground.

This article in Tulsa World state that there will be about 500 people at the conference.  I hope that my anxiety about travel will be relieved and I will not have to face delays.   I have brought much reading material in case I have to wait.  Hopefully, the conference will be a stimulating experience for me.

I am not taking my laptop to the conference.  I feel that I should get away from surfing the web for a few days, but I am taking my Kindle Fire to know what is going on.  Thus, there will not be entries to Bruce's Journal until next Monday when I will summarize the conference.

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