Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Tonight's Meeting of the New York Giants Preservation Society

Last May I wrote a journal entry reminiscing about Lou Mintz of the New York Public Library.  Using the "magic" of social media his son Gary read my journal entry and want to talk to me.  We did speak over the phone about Lou and NYPL when I worked there from 1983-90.  Gary mentioned the New York Giants Preservation Society.  I never discussed baseball in general or the Giants specifically with Lou while we were both at NYPL.  Gary did put me on the mailing list for his group.

Tonight I went to the group's meeting at Bergino's Baseball Clubhouse on East 11th Street a few feet from the former home of the Metropolitan New York Library Council.  I passed by Bergino's many times but tonight was the first time I came in.  What a collection of memorabilia!  I wish I had big bucks to buy some of the stuff in the store.

Tonight's speaker was Dan Taylor (not of WCBS-FM fame) who is a big Giant fan, television sportscaster, and author of  "A Scout's Report: My 70 Years in Baseball".  This man is a walking encyclopedia of baseball scouting.  He wrote the book with "super scout" George Genovese.  I didn't realize how intricate it is to scout a ball player and predict his success in the major leagues.  I guess it is like any hiring process as you never know how an employee will work out until they actual are hired by the organization.

It was certainly a worthwhile evening.  After I complete writing this journal entry, I will watch Jeopardy which Lee recorded for me on the DVR.

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OTIS said...

Hi Bruce,
I,m a new member of NYGPS...Gary and I met in Liberty, NY, 2 weeks ago ..I have been a life long Giants baseball fan since my birth , August at that time in Brooklyn..I was the only Giant fan (along with my Dad)..on the flipping baseball cards was a daily game we played all summer...In friends would rip up the Giants cards whenever they would get one in the TOPPS penny packs....I got my revenge in September..the 52 MANTLE # 311 was in the last sieres of cards..I got it in a PENNY pack from Archie and Sams grocery store, on 11th. Ave and 66th. St ..I took it with me to first grade in PS 187...I ripped it up in the class room..(such a very stupid thing to do, but who knew it would be worth $$$$$$$$$$$ in todays graded card market)...
Bobby Barresi....Mountaindale, NY..the old Borscht Belt.....

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