Friday, January 27, 2017

Brian Matthew Will Not Return to Sounds of the Sixties on BBC2

I have reported several times that I am an avid listener of Sounds of the Sixties on BBC2 for several years.  The show is broadcast live in the UK only Saturday morning, but it is a ritual for me to listen to the podcast on Sunday mornings.  It was reported in late November that host Brian Matthew was out for health reasons while Tim Rice became the host at least temporarily.  The nature of the illness was not revealed.

It was announced today in Radio Today and the Telegraph, two British publications, that Brian will not be coming back to the show.  Brian who is 88 years old fell in his home and was taken to the hospital.  He returned home and wanted to return to hosting the show.  However, the BBC felt that it was the right time to leave the show.  It is presently unclear whether Tim Rice will become the permanent host or if someone else will take over the show.

This is really a shame since Brian has hosted Sounds of the Sixties since 1990 and has worked at the BBC since 1954.  It is sad that organizations just don't reward loyalty.  I certainly wish Brian all the best.

Statement by the BBC  - I still take this with a "grain of salt".  I really think that Brian wanted to continue as host of Sounds of the 60s.

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