Saturday, January 14, 2017

College Basketball Today

I used to go to Knick games a few times a season, but in recent years the ticket prices have gone through the roof.  The cheapest ticket for a game at Madison Square Garden is $85.  I guess someone has to pay for the multimillion dollar salaries of the players and the renovations made to the facility.  Several times a season we see college games where the ticket prices are more reasonable.went to

Today we went to the Garden to see St. Johns play Villanova who won the NCAA tournament last spring and are currently ranked #3 in the nation.  The Red Storm took an early lead, but the visitors from Philadelphia dominated most of the game and won 70-57.

Game summary

When I got home I turned on my computer and watched on ESPN3 the NJIT Highlanders play the North Florida Ospreys.  Senior guard Damon Lynn led the Highlanders with 6 three-point baskets and 33 total points as we won 84-78.  The visitors made a run late in the game, but NJIT won its first Atlantic Sun game of the season.  I just hate all the stoppages of play in the last two minutes with all the intentional fouls and timeouts.  But, all's well the ends well.

Game summary

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