Sunday, November 1, 2015

Which Met Team Will Show Up Tonight?

In both the regular and post seasons the Mets have been inconsistent.  Last night's game which they lost 5-3 really showed that.  Let me bring out some points:

1. Tyler Clippard was lights out during his first 20 games with the Mets. but his two walks last night in the 8th inning gave the game to the Royals.
2. Daniel Murphy's hitting has cooled off during the World Series.  His error at second base was crucial as his fielding at times is erratic.
3. Yoenis Cespedes' fielding leaves something to be desired as for the second time he kicked a ball in the outfield.  His hitting has cooled off as well.
4.  Terry Collins has made some poor pitching choices.  Last night he should have stayed with Colon and Niese longer.

It should be an active Hot Stove League this winter as many free agents will try to get big bucks.  They should not be given outrageous salaries for mult-years based on a hot streak.

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