Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Buying Mets Tickets for 2016

For several years I have bought a 10 pack of tickets for the Mets.  I was able to choose which 10 games I want and got a small discount.  Since the Mets won the pennant and got into the World Series the Wilpons and their cronies have gotten a little cocky.  First of all there are no more 10 game packages as the minimum for ticket packages are now 20,  It is also a little insulting that the Met ticket office dictates which 20 games are in the package.  Also single game tickets go on sale this coming Monday November 30, so Wilpon and company holds your money for several months before the season begins.

Since I have  a Citibank Mastercard I was able to buy tickets starting today in a presale.  I decided to buy tickets for the games against the Yankees on August 1 and the Kansas City Royals on June 22.  I thought that those games would sell out quickly.  For the Yankee game I had to pay $75/ticket while the cost last year was $50 for the Subway Series.  The tickets for the KC Royals were only $30.

I decided to wait until February to buy ticket for 8 or so more games during the season which would be less in demand.  I will also go to the Stadium ticket office to get them without the fees.

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Unknown said...

let me know what games you might want. can sell them to you at discounted season ticket price. section 514 row 5. best seats in the upper deck.

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