Sunday, November 8, 2015

I liked the earlier James Bond Movies with Sean Connery Best

Today we saw Spectre the lastest James Bond film starring Daniel Craig.  I didn't realize that over the past 53 years there were 26 movies with 10 actors playing 007.  When I looked at the list I most likely saw all 26 films.  Some younger people may not realize that the James Bond character was created by novelist Ian Fleming.  This Wikipedia article lists the Ian Fleming books with James Bond as the protagonist.  I didn' realize that the first book was written in 1953 while the first film came out in 1962.  Ian Fleming passed away in 1964, but the movies based on his books were released for many years.  The more recent movies featured the James Bond character but the screenplays were not based on any of the books.

The early Bond films had some good theme songs that were played on Top 40 radio.  My favorite had to be Goldfinger by Shirley Bassey.  There was also a novelty song called Double-O-Seven by the Detergents.

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