Friday, July 10, 2015

NSU Art Museum and Reconnecting with an Old Family Friend

In the morning I found a Barnes and Nobles in town since I needed a book to read on the flight home tomorrow.  From there we went to the NSU Art Museum (NSU=Nova Southeastern University) which was close to our hotel.  They featured the following exhibits:

  • Highlights from the William Glackens collection
  • The History of Haitian Photography
  • Painted Ceramics of Pablo Picasso
In the evening we went to dinner with Helen Kessler who has been a family friend  for many years.  Back then she lived on Wetherole Street in Rego Park. She is now 93 years young and lives in Margate.  Back in 1961 her late husband Mickey took me to Yankee Stadium as we saw game 161 just before Roger Maris hit his 61st Home Run.

Yours truly with Helen

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