Friday, July 10, 2015

Marlins 2 Reds 0 with 3 Met Fans in the Stands

We spent most of yesterday at the Miami Seaquarium which was very similar to aquariums that we visited in Long Beach, Baltimore, and Atlanta.  Of course, it was best suited for young children.

From there we drove over to Marlins Park.  Since the team gives seniors over 55 a special deal on Thursdays, we could have gotten free tickets, but they were in the outfield far from the action.  We decided to buy tickets on the lower level about 20 rows behind home plate.  It was nice to sit in an air conditioned stadium.

It was a pretty boring game as the Marlins won 2-0.  Marlin pitcher Jose Fernandez pitched seven innings Thursday and tied the modern record for most consecutive home victories by a starter to begin a career at 14.

Game recap

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