Friday, July 31, 2015

It Takes a Lot of Patience to be a Met Fan

That statement comes from someone who has been a Met fan since day one in 1962.  For the sake of this blog entry I will go back 10 years.  In 2006 we lost to the St. Louis Cardinals in game 7 of the League Championship Series as Carlos Beltran struck out.  In 2007 and 2008 the Mets lost the National League East championship on the last day of the season.  The Mets have had losing records in the first 6 years of playing in Citifield.

We were optimistic at the beginning of the season as the Mets won 11 games in a row and took the lead in the division.  As time went on the hitting went "south" and the team was hit with several injuries including the loss of David Wright.  The starting pitching has been excellent, but how can you win if you can't score runs.

Yesterday's game was absolutely terrible.  Jon Neise pitched well as the Mets had a 7-1 lead.  The bullpen collapsed as a grand slam homer by the Padres made the score 7-5.  The Mets were ahead with two outs in the 9th when a 3 run homer by Justin Upton gave the Padres an 8-7 lead.  There was then an almost 3 hour rain delay, but the Mets were out 1,2,3 and lost the game.  It has been rare this season for the bull pen to implode.

Would Carlos Gomez be a savior for the rest of the season?  We'll never know as apparently the trade fell through because the Mets didn't want to pay his salary.

We'll take the rest of the season one game at a time.

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