Friday, April 24, 2015

Subway Series Begins Tonight

Round 1 of the Subway Series begins tonight at Yankee Stadium while round 2 at Citifield will not occur until September.  In previous years these games have taken place in May, June or July.  The Mets are red hot as they have won 11 games in a row which ties their record for longest winning streak.  The Yankees just won 3 out of 4 against the Detroit Tigers.

It seems that the best trades are the ones that you don't make.  Bartolo Colon is now 4-0.  The young pitchers on the Mets have matured and have given the team arguably the best staff in MLB.  Jeurys Familia has risen to the occasion and already has 8 save.  He is likely to stay in the closer role after Bobby Parnell returns.

This is a transitionary year for the Yankees after the retirement of Derek Jeter.

In a short series anything can happen.

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