Monday, April 13, 2015

Random Radio Notes

Yesterday was Pat. St. John's show on WCBS-FM as he is moving to San Diego to join his family there.  I was able to listen to most of his show over the air.  I was surprised that the management of 101.1 FM let Pat break format.  Radio friend Matt Seinberg recorded the show which may be downloaded.

Rich Appel played his IRS Top 104 songs that were voted by listeners who believed  they should have charted in the top 10.  Very often records become more popular as oldies.  I appreciate Rich's hard work in this endeavor.  Only a few of the songs that I voted for made the top 104.  The list may be seen at

Recently Radio Disney left the New York airwaves as 1560 AM was sold to Family Radio.  A report from Radioinsight states that Radio Disney will be heard on 60 HD2 or HD3 stations.  It is possible that it will reappear on 98.7 HD3.

The latest radio ratings say that WLTW is still leading the pack with WCBS-FM in second place.

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