Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Comments at the Beginning of Baseball Season

I am glad to see that MLB games have moved along faster so far this season.  I have observed that the batters are stepping out of the box less often and the pitchers take less time between pitches.  I still hate it when managers bring in a pitcher to get to just one batter.

I must disagree with the Mets decision to carry 13 pitchers and only 12 position players.  In last night's game they were really in a bind after David Wright was injured in the 8th inning.  They had to use backup catcher Anthony Recker at 3rd base in the 9th.  Luckily no balls were hit to him as the Mets held on to win the game.  They have put Wright on the disabled list and recalled Eric Campbell who can play several infield and outfield positions.

Our first game is this Sunday.

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