Thursday, January 15, 2015

Why is this Man Smiling?

I guess Phil "Action" Jackson is smiling since he just opened his paycheck.  He is getting $12 million a year and has produced the worst professional basketball team I have ever seen at 5-36.  Today the Knicks played in London, England and lost to the Milwaukee Bucks 95-79. The Knicks lost even with Carmelo Anthony playing. They have now lost 16 in a row and 26 out of 27.

Management must offer a competitive team even during a rebuilding stage.  They have traded some good players in J.R, Smith  and Iman Shumpert and waved the players they got in return.  They are playing with a bunch of scrubs with 10 day contracts.  The fans who play $100+ for ticket disserve much better.

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