Sunday, January 18, 2015

When Police Go Beyond the Call of Duty Where is the Media Attention?

There have been much attention paid to stories in Ferguson and Staten Island where police have acted inappropriately and as a result there were deaths.  However when police go beyond the call of duty and save lives, little is heard about it.  I don't watch WCBS-TV news regularly, but I found this story linked to Facebook.

A driver trapped upside down in an SUV was saved by police officers.  The woman said that the police officers called her in the hospital to check on her condition.

I would like to congratulate Officers Robert Falcone, Michelle Forthman, Marc Rudon and Anthony Orban from the 105th Precinct for a job well done.

A story like this should make the front page of the newspapers and be the lead story on the news.  Our public officials should also congratulate these fine officers.

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