Friday, January 2, 2015

Don't You Just Hate Waiting for A Furniture Delivery

A few days ago Karen and I ordered kitchen chairs from a major furniture store (I won't mention the name).  We thought we would do it this week since we were both off from work.  We ordered the chairs online Sunday night for delivery today (Friday).  The company called to confirm our order and to say that the delivery would come between 12 noon and 3 PM.  OK, this was not too bad as we could go out during the morning and come back in plenty of time.

By 3:30, we had not received our beloved delivery.  I phoned the company who put me on hold for abuot 20 minutes.   They said that the truck was delayed by a big delivery a few stops before ours.  Finally the truck came at 5:45 PM.  

Alls well that ends well as we received our chairs.  The only issue was that if we had known in advance that the delivery would come at 5:45PM, we could have gone out for the entire day.

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