Monday, October 20, 2014

Vote for Your Favorite Oldies

Mike Riccio, Tom Natoli and the other Chart Guys need your help to compile the list of the 77 most popular oldies.  We know that radio station do have such promotions, but "fudge" the results as they don't want to include songs that are out of format.  Please go to the Oldies Board and vote for your 7 favorite oldies.

The survey will be heard on Bob Radil's 60s 70s show on Rewound Radio around Christmas.  Here are my 7 favorites:

Song/Artist 1: Like A Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan (1965)
Song/Artist 2: Turn Turn Turn (To Everything There Is A Season) - Byrds (1965)
Song/Artist 3: Mrs Robinson - Simon and Garfunkel (1968)
Song/Artist 4: Abigail Beecher - Freddie ( Freddy ) Cannon (1964)
Song/Artist 5: Mellow Yellow - Donovan (1966)
Song/Artist 6: Let It Be - Beatles (1970)
Song/Artist 7: Imagine - John Lennon (1971)

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