Sunday, October 26, 2014

Random Comments of the Day

Boston radio personality Dale Dorman passed away.  I have heard of him, but didn't know much about him.  Several of my radio friends including Rich Appel and Gary Brefini are from the Boston area.  I assume Scott Fybush will have a long story about him in tomorrow's North East Radio Watch.

Someone on the NYRMB said that since of the World Series games was broadcast in NYC over  WMCA, it marked the first time since 1957 that the baseball Giants were heard on 570 AM.  He is mistaken since the Mets games were aired on WMCA from 1978-82.  Obviously during those 5 seasons there were several games between the Mets and Giants heard on WMCA.

I watched part of the Jets game on TV today.  They really sucked, especially Geno Smith.  I wonder when will Rex Ryan be fired since the team is now 1-7.

I wonder if the Tournament of Champions on Jeopardy will happen in November since that is sweeps month.

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