Saturday, October 11, 2014

More Random Comments

I have commented before on the misuse of Facebook.  Two of my friends have posted photos of themselves while they are in the hospital.  I can understand people informing their friends about their medical condition.  I  certainly would not want anyone to see me in poor physical condition in a hospital bed.

Cousin Brucie just mentioned Mary Shaw on his show and played Mary Mary for her.  She has just moved into a new apartment in Staten Island.

The Cuz also just played Mr. Bassman by Johnny Cymbal.  When I heard that song it reminded me of my very brief reconnection with John of New Britain, Ct.  Every time I have encountered an old friend either in person or online the new relationship has not lasted.

I get conflicting data on people hitting Bruce's Journal from Blogger and Google Analytics.  According to Blogger, a post from March 2011 titled More Tsuris for the Mets got 132 hits in the last week but none reported from Google Analytics.  Go figure.

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