Friday, May 23, 2014

More Staycation Notes

The nicest thing about a staycation is not having to put up with public transportation.  I don't have to worry about train delays or passengers blocking doors and any other nonsense.  Today I will be taking the subway to lower Manhattan to meet Roy for lunch.

Since there was a threat of rain yesterday I decided to to see "The Other Woman" at the local multiplex.  I was the only customer in the auditorium that had about 200 seats.  I guess there is usually not many movie patrons on weekday afternoons.

Julia Collins has now won 14 games on Jeopardy.  I assume that she will not be interviewed on TV until her run on the show ends.  I was able to watch Who Wants to Be a Millionaire a few times this week.  Three out of the last 4 contestants got the $1000 consolation prize while the other person just won about $7500.  I really think the staff at Jeopardy does a better job of screening contestants since there have been so few big winners on Millionaire.

So far I have resisted the temptation to look at my work e-mail.  On my phone I just observed that there are about 200 unopened e-mails in my work account.  Likely 90% of them are either from advertisers or listservs and are not relevant.  I will wait until I return to work on Tuesday to read them.

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