Thursday, January 9, 2014

This is Why I Hate Politics

Bridget Anne Kelley, former deputy chief of staff for Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs with NJ Governor Chris Christie

An important responsibility of any elected  official is to make appointments of people to positions of great responsibility.  A manager in business or government is responsible for the actions of his subordinates.  What happened in Fort Lee, NJ on September 9th was an absolute disgrace.  Ms. Kelley in an email sent to David Wildstein, director of interstate capital projects at the Port Authority, which maintains the George Washington Bridge stated "It's Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee."  Several lane were closed created horrendous traffic jams.  There were four medical situations where emergency responders were delayed due to the gridlock.  A 91 year old woman died on cardiac arrest possibly since she did not get medical attention in time.

What was the cause of this?  POLITICS

It seems that the Christie administration was taking revenge at Mark Sokolich the Democratic mayor of Fort Lee who did not support Christie for governor.  Why should thousands of drivers trying to earn a living be badly inconvenienced by this nonsense.  How many gallons of gasoline were wasted by cars being stuck on this traffic.

Governor Christie did the right thing by firing Kelley and asking for the resignation of Wildstein.  I heard that he has gone up to Fort Lee and apologized.  There must be a thorough investigation of this entire event!  Perhaps there should criminal charges made against the perpetrators.  If Christie was in any way involved in the planning of this, he should be forced to resign.  This could be another Watergate.

Another lesson from this is that everybody should be careful of what they say in e-mail as it creates a paper trail.  These e-mails were sent using private accounts.

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