Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Man Was Fatally Shot in a Movie Theater after a Dispute Over Text Messaging

A few weeks ago I reported in Bruce's Journal about a minor incident in our local multiplex as I politely asked a woman a few rows ahead of me to put her cell phone away as the glare the phone generated was annoying.  She seemed pissed off and reluctantly put her phone away.  The second the movie ended she pulled out her phone.  If you want to text message, why waste your money on a movie.  Just stay home and use your smart phone to your heart's content.

There was a story in today's news that a man was shot to death in a movie theater over a dispute over texting.  Oy vey.  You don't have to kill someone over this.  It's sad in this day and age we all must pass through a metal detector when going to a sporting event.  After this incident we may have to frisked when going to the movies.

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