Saturday, November 16, 2013

Today's Radio Notes

Since we went out last night, we stayed close to home today.  We just took a walk to nearby Bowne Park in the early afternoon.  Here is today's radio log with some comments.

  • WINS News
  • WCBS-FM - Sue O'Neill
  • WBGO - Saturday morning function with Bob Porter followed by Felix Hernandez's Rhythm Revue
  • Johnny Cash Radio - the Slutskys love the Man in Black
  • Norm N Nite on SiriusXM 50s on Five
  • Rewound Radio - Allan Sniffen narrated the station for a few hours in the afternoon
  • Pop Gold Radio - Don Tandler was doing a countdown on November 16, 1963.  These were the hits at the time of the Kennedy Assassination
  • Hy Lit airchecks from WOGL Philadelphia.  I received these from Sam Lit
  • WFUV HD2 - the parent station was airing Fordham University Football.  I am one of the few people with an HD radio so I heard music
  • Cousin Brucie on SiriusXM 60s on 6
There was a very nasty exchange today on the New York Radio Message Board.

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