Saturday, November 9, 2013

Some Random Thoughts about Facebook

I think I have been on Facebook for about 7 years and have amassed close to 500 friends.  Here are some thoughts about the world’s largest social networking site.  Here are some thoughts:

Many of these friends I have never met all or just once.  I have maintained some good electronic relationships with some of them, but others I should drop as friends since I have not communicated at all with them.

It is interesting to see what professional acquaintances do outside of work.

Some people write things that are just too personal.  I have seen a few people who have documented their romances which is just not appropriate.  Others talk about their illnesses or sicknesses in their families.  I just would not do that.  I guess I have discussed my adventures at the dentist.

Will the popularity of Facebook fall off in the years to come?  I guess every product or service has a life cycle.

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Unknown said...


People forget that posting anything on the Internet is forever. As a rule, if you're willing to put it on a billboard, then by all means -- post it on Facebook.

Sharing is great on social media -- fun stories, humor, photos and the like, but it is best to keep things light. Heated discussions (ex: politics) is best kept in a closed group -- not an open social forum. A political forum would be OK -- but not one designed for social interaction. Personal issues is best kept out of the public; email or a voice conversation is better.


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