Thursday, November 28, 2013

Alice's Restaurant (The Mascacree Revisited)

My first exposure to Alice Restaurant must have been in Spring 1968 when Steve Greenblatt, a brother in Sigma Beta Phi fraternity, played it at one of our Sunday meeting at the house we rented on 6th Avenue between 27th and 28th Street.  In recent years the original has been played every Thanksgiving at 12 noon on Q104.3 and WFUV.

Today I was listening to SiriusXM's Deep Tracks channel at about 9 AM when the song came on.  It sounded somewhat different.  Arlo Guthrie talked about meeting Chip Carter (Jimmy's son) in 1977 and that he had learned that Richard Nixon owned a copy of the song.  I knew that this couldn't be the original version of the song released in 1967.  So I did a little research in the Wikipedia which can be a very reliable source of  popular information.  There were actually several revised versions.

I also remember seeing the movie Alice's Restaurant in 1969 in Brooklyn with a date that didn't work out.

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