Thursday, February 7, 2013

Smooth Jazz Returns to the NYC FM Dial on 102.7 HD2

From 1988-2007 WQCD at 101.9 FM aired the smooth jazz format.  I always enjoyed it as a change of pace.  In 2007 WQCD changed its format to alternative rock and changed its calls to WRXP.  The powers that be in radioland felt that smooth jazz listeners were aging out of the highly desirable 25-54 demographic.  For a while I was able to listen to it on 101.9 HD2.  When 101.9 was sold and became WFAN-FM, the HD2 channel was removed.  Just today CBS radio placed smooth jazz on 102.7 HD2.  That is good for me, but there are so few HD radios out there.  Smooth jazz is also hear on the SiriusXM Watercolors channel.

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