Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Google Me The Movie

As a reference librarian I have likely used Google thousands of time to find academic and popular information.  Of course I have Googled my name Bruce Slutsky umpteen times.  When I do that I find thousands of references to my blog entries, and work related web sites.  My name is not very common, but I did find out that a Bruce David Thomas from Milwaukee who was arrested in 1997 assumed my name.

A few nights ago I picked up my Kindle Fire and looked for a movie and discovered Google Me produced by Los Angeles documentary maker Jim Killeen who has a relatively common name.  In the film Jim Googles people with his name.  He found several people with his name and was willing to travel around the world to meet them.  He actually found 24 Jim Killeens and actually met several of them.  His encounters with them were very positive.  Toward the end of the movie, he brings all of his namesakes to  meet each other in Killeen, Texas.

I enjoyed this movie very much and recommend it to Google addicts and Luddites who would not touch a computer with a 10 foot poll.  I was not even aware of this movie when it was first released in 2007. However, I will not travel to Milwaukee to meet the other Bruce Slutsky.

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