Thursday, February 14, 2013

Congratulations to Rita Houston on Your Promotion to Program Director of WFUV

When I received an e-mail from WFUV that Rita Houston was promoted to Program Director at WFUV.  Alan Berman is always on the ball with radio news also sent me the announcement from All Access.  Rita came to WFUV in 1994 as a mid-day host.  This was about the time I started to listen to the station after I read the listing for a Bob Dylan day in the New York Times.  Rita moved up to Music Director before today's announcement.

It must be very hard to be in Rita's position since the music at WFUV is so eclectic.  It is never limited to one genre of music so when a listener tunes in he/she never knows what will come up.  I listen to a multitude of radio stations, but I always find time to listen to WFUV and support them financially every year.  When I listen to WFUV there is always the chance that I will hear Bob Dylan or one of his folk rock contemporaries.  Chuck Singleton and the powers that be made a good choice.  I hope that Corny O'Connell will get the morning slot permanently.

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