Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Season Finally Ends for the Mets

The 2012 Mets season ended on a positive note as they beat the Miami Marlins 4-2.  However, it was very disappointing as the Amazins finished at 74-88 and have not had a winning season since they moved to Citifield.  The highlight of the season was the no-hitter thrown by Johann Santana on June 1.  We waited for over 50 years for that.  The other highlight was the 20 win season by R.A. Dickey with his back to back 1-hitters.

My hope for the off-season is that both David Wright and R.A. Dickey will get long term contracts.  Losing David Wright would be almost as bad as losing Tom Seaver in 1977.  There are plenty of web sites, newspaper articles and phone calls to talk radio speculating on what moves will be made over the winter.  I will refrain from making any predictions here.  It's now wait until next year.

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