Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Day #1 - I Should Count My Blessings

It started to rain early this morning in Queens as the winds picked up.  I received notification that NJIT will be closed today and tomorrow, but is scheduled to reopen on Wednesday.  I started my day by listening to WCBS-FM, WFUV, WBGO and SiriusXM 50s on 5.  We watched the TV news intermittently as there is only so much you can watch.  I spent some time reading Sunday's New York Times and watched the movie Field of Dreams with Kevin Kostner.  Karen and collected many movies on VHS tapes in the 80s and 90s so today was a good time to see an older movie.  In the afternoon Lee selected a DVD about the Traveling Wilburys to view.  They were some supergroup.

Anyway when we turned on the TV news in the late afternoon they showed a big flood at Linden Place and the Whitestone Expressway within walking distance of my apartment.  There is always poor drainage in that area.  We looked at the window and saw that a tree on the co-op's property had fallen over.  Thankfully, nobody was injured, but there was a report of the first storm related fatality in NYC.  As a read Facebook I noticed that over 2,000,000 in the NYC area have lost power.

I did not venture out of the apartment today and should count my blessings that until now my incoveniences have been minimal.  It will likely take days if not weeks to clean-up after the storm finally ends.  We have to take it one day at a time. Below is a video of Hurricane Sandy in Far Rockaway.

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