Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More Random Thoughts of the Day

I just hate those baseball games that are longer than 3 hours.  The manager just has to take out the pitcher after facing one batter.  Years ago it just wasn't that way.  There are also more deep counts and fouled off pitches.  They Yankees are now down 3-0 against the Detroit Tigers, but after what happened in 2004  against the Red Sox, anything can happen.

There will be a big change in New York Radio as the religious station WFME at 94.7 FM was just sold to Cumulus Broadcasting.  The amateur radio station executives on the various message boards are have a field day as they are speculating what format will come to 94.7 FM.  I am not making any comments since the "Powers that Be"  will do what's best for the almighty dollar.  I am sure they don't pay attention to what is written on the message boards.

Have a nice day.

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