Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Random Thoughts on This Staycation Day

I finished reading the Sunday New York Times today.  Usually I finish reading it on Monday.

We saw the movie the Bourne Legacy at the local multiplex this afternoon.  Tuesday is bargain day there since the cost for everyone is only $7.00.

I parked the car in Cunningham Park this morning and wanted to get my "urban hike" in before I hit the New York Times.  In August 2009 I reported the closing of Deli Masters in Fresh Meadows.  When I passed by its location, there was still nothing there after 3 years.  It seems that restaurants and other retail outlets closed because the rent is too high.  Then, nobody moves into the old location.  Thus it is a lose lose situation for the landlord, former store owner and customers.  What could you do.  I guess we can blame the bad economy.

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