Friday, August 10, 2012

Random Thoughts on a Dog Day Friday

We drove out to see Mom early this afternoon as a light rain started.  Shortly after we arrived in Westbury it started to rain very hard.  We save on the TV news that certain areas of eastern Long Island was really hit hard by the rain and wind.  When we left at 3:30 the rain had stopped.

I just gotta love the Tune In app for the smart phone and the Kindle Fire.  I decided to listen to some Connecticut and Rhode Island stations since I lived there for a few years in the 1970s.  I checked out WNLC which is now a classic hits station at 98.7 FM on the dial.  Back in 1977-78 WNLC was on 1510 AM.  I also checked out WKNL which is an oldies station at 100.9 FM from New London.  Back then it was WTYD, a beautiful music station.  Lastly, I checked at WPRO (630AM) which is now a talk station.  Back then it was a Top 40 station and the home of radio legend Salty Brine.

That stupid New York Daily News had the Son of Sam on the front page today since it is the 35th anniversary of his capture.  They should not give him any attention and let that low life rot in jail.

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