Wednesday, August 8, 2012

R. Peter Strauss Former Owner of WMCA Passes Away at 89

The New York Times reports the passing of R. Peter Strauss at age 89.  My readers can click on the link for a biography of this radio pioneer.  This journal entry will consider my experiences with that station.  Until September 1970 WMCA was a top 40 station.  I usually preferred it over WABC since its playlist was much deeper.  I really got tired of hearing the same 20 songs on WABC.  I loved their DJs including Harry Harrison, Joe O' Brien, Jack Spector, Dan Daniel, B. Mitchell Reed, Gary Stevens and others.  In September 1970 in reaction to rock music programming coming to the FM Band WMCA adopted a telephone talk format.

R. Peter Strauss had a show on Sunday nights named "Call up the Boss".  I phoned in once to discuss the New York senatorial race among James Buckley, Charles Goodell, and Richard Ottinger.  There was much contention when WMCA dropped evening talk show host Alex Bennett since they were going to broadcast Yankee games.

I pass by the shack in the photo above every day when I take New Jersey Transit to work.  It is at the site of the WMCA transmitter in Kearney.

My condolences to his family.

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