Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Reconnecting with Butch Whom I've Never Met

Please follow this e-mail exchange to see how I reconnected with someone I never met.  His name is Alan, but popularly known as Butch

Butch to Bruce -Our histories about Camp Wel-Met are pretty similar. And your name seems so familiar. Wondering if you remember me--always known by my nickname Butch...

Bruce to Butch -Alan - I assume you read my blog entry at http://www.bruceslutsky.com/2009/02/camp-wel-met-1961-65.html where I detailed my years at Wel-Met.  I don't remember anybody named Butchback then. However in 1965 when I was on the Western trip there were two of my tent mates, Mark Solaway and Mitch (don't remember the last name) who constantly talked about a camper from previous years known as Butch and another Hazelcorn.  Butch met them when the bus returned to NYC at the end of the trip.  Perhaps you are that Butch.

Butch to Bruce - Indeed I am. Mitch Nagler is a childhood friend. I was I'n pioneer s with him I'n the same tent. Couldn't arrange to be on same bus for western trip. Your name was familiar bec. Of conversations with him. Hazelcorn was a close friend on that trip and lived I'n Brooklyn. I recall another guy named Wally from long island too. I am a lawyer I'n NYC. Wel met always promises the best memories. Marty wasserman is a familiar name. I used to be on 3 week trip at camp and think he was my counselor I'n group 4 or 5

Butch must have read my journal entry about my Wel-Met years.

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