Monday, July 23, 2012

Bob Shannon is officially out at WCBS-FM

Allan Sniffen, the moderator of the New York Radio Message Board reports that Bob Shannon is officially out at WCBS-FM.  No official announcement was made by the station, but it presumed that health issues led to his leaving.  He has not been on the air since January.  It could be company policy, that if health prevents an employee from discharging his duties, he must be let go after a period of time.  I sincerely wish Bob a speedy and full recovery.

My fondest memory of Bob Shannon was in March 1988 when he announced the birth of my son Lee over the air.  Back in the mid 1980s I used to send him questions to use on his Tuesday night trivia shows.  Back in 2005 when WCBS-FM was hijacked, he stood up for the listeners and the oldies format.  He has certainly been an asset to the radio business, and hopefully he will return.

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