Saturday, May 19, 2012

Recalling May 19th as someone else's anniversary

Back in the early 1970s I had a friend whom a will call AA who lived in Sunnyside, Queens.  We were the best of buddies as we got together almost every weekend.  Back in May 1972 I was a student at the University of Rhode Island and exchanged letters with AA.  On May 19, 1972 he went to a Cometogether singles dance at the Malibu Country Club in Queens.  There he met LK, a Jewish American Princess (JAP) from Long Island.  Back then the term JAP was popular term for a spoiled Jewish girl.  They started dating and really hit it off.  By October they became engaged and were married on May 19, 1973.

So they met 40 years ago today, and are now married 39 years.  After that point AA looked down on me since he was married and I was not.  Our friendship gradually faded but in the Fall 1974 when I was living in New Brunswick I phoned him to catch up.  He sarcastically said to me "When you get a girl, we'll be sure to come down there."  I was really hurt by that.  About a year later, I sent him a Jewish new year's card, but he didn't reciprocate.  Our friendship was over.  He rejected me because I was still single and did not even have a girlfriend at that time.

In this Facebook era, I never had the desire to reconnect with him although I became reacquainted with other friends of mine from that time of my life.  He is likely a grandfather by now.  I certainly don't wish anything bad for him, put I must remember him for the tactless way he rejected me.  We all must face rejection in our personal and professional lives.

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