Saturday, May 12, 2012

Random Thoughts of the Day

We went to the local multiplex today to see The Avengers.  There were 3 theaters playing the 3D version while 1 played the 2D.  We decided to save money and see the 2D version.  It has been my experience that the enhanced 3 dimensional effects do not justify the extra $4.50.

We came home to see the end of the Met game as they won 9-3.  I didn't expect them to be 19-14.  It is still a long season, so lets hope for the best.  They Yankees beat the Seattle Mariners.

I received a booklet from announcing a clearance sale.  I ordered an Elvis Presley bobble head doll and CDs by Pete Seeger and Rick Danko.

I downloaded the CD Time it Was, a set of covers of Simon and Garfunkel songs by Aztec 2 Step.  It was a concert performance narrated by Pete Fornatale.  I listened to Mixed Bag this afternoon as Don McGee is the new host.  I have always enjoyed listening to Don and wish him well as the show's new host.

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