Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Sad Story of Lenny Dykstra

Long time fans of the Mets remember Lenny Dykstra fondly from his accomplishments in the mid to late 1980s.  With Dykstra batting in the lead-off spot, the 1986 Mets coasted to the division crown with a fantastic 108-54 record.  In game 3 of the NLCS Lenny won the game with a walk off home run.  His lead off homer in game 3 of the World Series against the Red Sox sparked the Mets to a come from behind victory in the series.  Sadly, he was traded to the Phillies during the 1989 season in a very bad deal for the Mets.

The New York Daily News reported today that Lenny took a plea deal in a grand theft auto case in Los Angeles.  The story by Nancy Dillon states he pleaded "no contest" to three felony counts of grand theft auto and one felony count of preparing phony paperwork in a deal that could carry up to four years in state prison, the sources said.  He still has other legal problems and could face additional jail time.

It is quite sad that a professional athelete who made millions of dollar in his career  and was idolized by millions 25 years ago has to resort to a life a crime and must pay the price.  Perhaps many athletes who must retire by age 40 just don't know what to do with their lives after their sporting career ends.

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