Friday, October 14, 2011

I supported WFUV today

Regular readers of Bruce's Journal know that I am all over the radio dial and the internet listening to different genres of music.  I discovered WFUV in the early 1990s during a special for Bob Dylan's birthday.  It seems very hard to label their format.  In radio jargon it is know as Adult Album Alternative.  In the past they have branded themselves as City Folk and Roots of Rock.  IMHO, those labels were confusing.  To quote their web site, they play "anything from Bob Dylan, Joan Osborne and The Decemberists (weekdays) or The Beach Boys and Christine Lavin (Pete Fornatale's Mixed Bag), to Cherish the Ladies and The Saw Doctors (our weekend Irish shows), or Fats Waller and Paul Whiteman (The Big Broadcast)."  I don't have to worry about hearing oldies burnouts like Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison.  It is not a bad song, but I am so tired of hearing it umpteen thousand times over the years.

There is an HD-2 channel which features their regular music mix on weekends while the HD-1 station has special programming.  The HD-3 channel is indie music full time.

The station features Dennis Elsas, Pete Fornatale and John Platt who are veterans of heritage station WNEW-FM.  The weekday lineup includes Claudia Marshall, Darren Devivo and Corny O' Connell among others.

I contributed today, the first day of the fall fundraising drive sinc my contribution will be matched by FJC, a foundation of donor advised funds.  I will recieve their annual New Music Sampler and FUV Live #14.  I have a full set of those CDs.  It is a shame that only about 5 - 7 % of listeners of non-profit radio stations support them financially.

I suggest to my radio friends that they sample WFUV and if they like it and become a regular listener, support them financially.

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