Saturday, October 15, 2011

6th Anniversary of Bruce's Journal

It was 6 years ago today that I started Bruce's Journal.  The entries have ranged from the mundane to the sublime.  I've discussed activities with my family, Bob Dylan, the Beatles, radio stations, transit delays, the New York Mets, and oldies music among other topics. There were just over 1800 journal entries over the 6 years. I use a service called Google Analytics  to track the hits.  Most people find me by googling a word or phrase.  Suprisingly the entry about how I found and spent a 2 dollar bill got the most hits.  A few friends follow me regularly, but most readers just look at my journal once.  Here is my first journal entry from October 15, 2005.

Today we went to see Hofstra play the University of Maine.  Hofstra won 44-0.  It only costs $8 to see a college football game.  Even though it was a one sided game we had fun.

It is a very mundane entry, but I do get hits from people who have searched on Hofstra.  Since that time the university dropped its football program.

It is my intention to continue writing entries for my journal.

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