Friday, August 12, 2011

Random Thoughts on a Summer Friday

It is August 12th already and summer is slipping away.  We only have one more Friday off and then back to the 5 day weeks.

I was lucky not to have to go to work today.  There were more delays on New Jersey Transit caused by signal problems.  It was a bad week for commuting.

Thank goodness for the quick oil change places.  Years ago I had to leave my car at a mechanic and come back a few hours later to pick up my car.  I have been going to Sparkles which is near my apartment.  You even get a car wash after the oil change.

The bank interest rates are really low these days.  I just renewed a CD for 4 years at 1.25% interest.  Can it get any lower?

101.9 FM in New York finally made its format change to all news.  I am glad they have kept smooth jazz on the HD-2 station.  I will not express any opinions here.  Please check the New York Radio Message Board and Radio-Info boards for the opinions of the many amateur radio executives who post there.

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