Monday, August 29, 2011

I will be a judge for the 2011 Battle of the Dylan Cover Bands

In July 2010 Pete Freckelton ( I spelled is name correctly this time) won the honor of becoming my Facebook Friend of the Day for being the founder of and for being a loyal New York Mets fan.  Pete appointed me a judge for the 2011 Battle of the Dylan Cover Bands.  Please see that web site for further information about the contest.

If any entrants to this contest are reading this journal I would like to give some advice.  I am looking for originality for musicians covering Dylan songs.  I will not look favorably upon anyone who imitates Mr. Zimmerman.  I have heard numerous cover versions over the years by a multitude of artists and genres of music.  Some of my favorites:
  •  Like A Rolling Stone by Sebastian Cabot - this gets an A++ for originality
  • Don't Think Twice - Wonder Who (4 seasons) - I actually heard this parody before I heard the original
  • Tomorrow is a Long Time - Elvis Presley
  • Mr. Tambourine Man - by Gene Clark as a solo artist.
Very often a good singer will cover the wrong song.  For example, Judy Collins issued a CD called Judy Collins sings Dylan Just Like A Woman.  Her version of Like a Rolling Stone was terrible because her sweet voice was trying to sing a very bitter song.  Her cover of Dark Eyes on the same CD was excellent.

Good Luck to all those entering the contest.

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