Saturday, June 18, 2011

Just Returned from a Southern California Vacation

Bruce’s Journal has indicated that I was on vacation this past week.    A few people advised me not to post on Facebook or in my journal that I am away from home.  Somebody can look up my home address and burglarize my apartment while I am away.   I teased my audience by posting some songs  about Southern California. The next several journal entries will describe my vacation.

We took a cab to Kennedy Airport to catch our Jet Blue Flight to Los Angeles. I had never flown on that airline before, so I was surprised to see that we had access to XM Radio and satellite TV. Also the legroom was wider than on other airlines. We arrived at LAX at about 3 PM, picked up our luggage and took a van to Budget Rent A Car. I got a brand new Chevy Impala. It did take to adjust to driving a different car. The traffic on I-405 from LAX to Long Beach where we are staying was brutal, but I was warned about that. We checked into our room and ate dinner. I brought my laptop, accessed Facebook and watched Jeopardy.

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