Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Big Speculation on Radio Message Boards about 101.9 FM

Whenever a radio station is sold there is always speculation as to what new format will come.  For many years. WPIX-FM owned by Tribune broadcasting owned the license at 101.9 for many years.  If you read the Wikipedia entry for this station you will see that it had many shortlived formats.  In August 1988 the station adopted a smooth jazz format and changed its call letter to WQCD. In February 2008 Emmis Communications which acquired the station in 1997 announced a change to a rock format under the WRXP call letters and the tagline 101.9 RXP: The New York Rock Experience. 

Majority ownership of the station was acuired by Merlin Media LLC, a new entity headed by veteran radio executive Randy Michaels.  Now there is speculation that the station will change format to News/Talk when the deal is consummated.  I don't care for that format.  There has been much discussion on radio message boards about this, but it is essentially talk.  Only Randy Michaels will make the decision.  We'll have to wait and see what happens.

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