Monday, June 6, 2011

Article in the Business Section of the Sunday New York Times

The article written Eilene Zimmerman titled Between College and That First Job caught my eye and brought back some memories. She suggested that recent graduate use that time to try to develop skills needed for employment and to network with people who can lead to professional employment.  That is much easier today with services such as Facebook and LinkedIn.  She also said that any job is better than no job in the interim.  There is always that "Catch-22" - I can't find a job since nobody will give me one because I am unemployed.  Believe me I know that experience.

Let's turn the clock back to early 1974.  I left the University of Rhode Island in January with a masters degree in chemistry and no job prospects.  It was hard to return to living with my parents after 2 years of being on my own.  In early March I got a temporary job doing clerical work for a bank making a few cents above the minimu wage.  Finally in May I was hired by Rhodia a chemical company in New Brunswick, NJ.

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