Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wednesday Afternoon at the Paley Center for Media

We try to go to the Paley Center on West 52nd Street at least a few times a year.  We even have an annual membership to this fine organization that preserves radio and television history.  It was previously known as the Museum of Television and Radio.

In the Spelberg Gallery there was an exhibit called  This Boy.....John Lennon in Liverpool.  The exhibit featured a 20 minute film about the Quarrymen and photographs of John's growing up in Liverpool in the 1950s and early 60s.

From there we went to the library where impulsively I wanted to see what they had on Shindig and Hullabaloo.  Facebook friend Jet Screamer would be in 7th heaven as we viewed shows originally aired in 1964 and 65, his favorite years.  We saw a show from October 1964 which featured the Beatles and other British acts including Cilla Black, Sounds Incroporated, PJ Proby, and others who were popular in the UK but not in the USA.  This episode featured the premier of I'm a Loser which was not released in the United States until a month later when it was a cut on the Beatles 65 LP.  I remember how WMCA taped the audio from the TV and played it on the station before its offical release.  The episode of Hullabaloo that we saw featured the Lovin' Spoonful.

While I was there I searched the database for any Clay Cole shows.  When we met him last year Clay said that none of his shows were preserved.  I thought perhaps something was there, but Clay (may he rest in peace) was correct.

The video below include both I'm a Loser and Boys that were shown on that episode of Shindig.

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