Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Hot Stove League is Lukewarm at Best for the Mets

When the Mets recently hired Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins there was hope for improvement in the team for 2011.  It seems that since they are stuck with big contracts for Carlos Beltran, Oliver Perez, and Luis Castillo, they don't have money for free agents who could make an impact.  The only deals so far have been:
  • Ronnie Pulino as a backup catcher
  • D. J. Carrasco as right handed reliever
  • Infielder Brad Emaus and right-handed pitcher Pedro Beato in Thursday's Rule 5 Draft
  • Pitcher Boof Bonser to a Minor League contract
So far the loss of pitchers Hisanori Takahashi and Pedro Feliciano to free agency has hurt the Mets the most in my opinion during this off season.  It it obvious that they have lost more than gained in player transactions.

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