Sunday, September 12, 2010

Standby Jury Duty This Week

A few weeks ago I got my summons for jury duty. The instructions were to start calling after 5 PM on Friday September 10th. I was told not to report on Monday the 13th, but I would have to call again to see if I am needed. Jury duty is not the worst thing in the world, but they always get you at an inconvenient time. I could ask for a postponement, but the next time could be more inopportune. Every time I have reported for jury duty I have been selected for a case. I guess the judges and lawyers like me. I am hoping:
  • I am not selected as an alternate juror. I assume that it is unusual when an alternate must replace a regular juror
  • I am not selected for a civil case. Most of the time the lawyers "duke it out" for a while and then settle out of court. These cases are just a waste of time.

When I do report for jury duty I always think that it could be worse. I am not on trial and nobody is sueing me.

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